The Widetek 36 Art Scanner is a perfect addition Tree Towns’ Interior Décor services. Not only does it allow us to reproduce original artwork, the Widetek is capable of capturing subtle textures within a piece of art that can be transposed onto stretch canvass reproductions or even commercial wall covering material.


  • Contact free scanning at 600 DPI Resolution

  • Captures all surface textures from the finest stroke of a brush to gouache painting techniques.

  • Framed artwork can be scanned without the need to remove from the frame prior to scanning

  • Cool UV and IR-free LED Illumination also protects valuable art from color distortion or damage due to excessive exposure to light.

  • Large color spaces and file types

  • Geometrical accuracy

  • Perfect for capturing material samples such as linens, upholstery, and wood grains for reproduction as commercial wall coverings.